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Sometimes I daydream about putting every bad neighbor on a special island where they can ruin their lawns and throw raging parties all they want – away from the rest of us. When I come back to reality, I give these ideas a try:

The People Who Just Won’t Zip It

Real Estate Problem - Noisy Neighbour

Real Estate Problem – Noisy Neighbor

Always start with the friendly and cordial approach. It is always a good idea to be direct and let them know that the noise is truly disrupting you and your family, and that you would appreciate it if they would tone it down a notch. If the noise becomes unbearable and they just will not cooperate, you can go about things the formal and legal way by  filing a noise complaint with your local police. Ask other neighbors bothered by the noise to file complaints as well to strengthen your claims and create a paper trail.

The Kids Who Trash Your Stuff


Before you fully turn into that old man shaking his fist at the rowdy neighborhood children, address your issues with the parents. Did little Timmy wack your mailbox with a baseball bat? Approach Timmy’s parents respectfully and appropriately and hope that they handle the matter suitably. Summon some empathy for the parents, and the chances of these neighbors causing problems in the future decreases.

You don’t want things to get ugly with your neighbor (that is uncomfortable for everyone involved), but if things go down that road, just make sure that you have pictures and proof of what has transpired. Armed with your evidence and support, draft a letter through a lawyer or the homeowners association outlining what was damaged and what reparations you expect.

The Property Line Fanatic

Real Estate Problem Crazy Property Line Neighbor

Real Estate Problem Crazy Property
Line Neighbor

Their only hobby seems to be staring at your property line, waiting for you to cross it. This issue can be made worse by open concept yards and the dreaded shared driveway. Invite your neighbor to walk with you down the property line and come to an agreement. If you are concerned about fairness (or keeping things civil) have a property surveyor make an official assessment and stay within those boundaries. You can’t argue with facts!

I know it can be tough to live with lousy neighbors, but you have a right to enjoy your time at home, so pick your battles carefully and chin up! You might even be able to turn a bad neighbor into a good one.

Real Estate Dream Living Happy with your Neighbors

Real Estate Dream Living Happy
with your Neighbors

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