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There are lots of blog posts out there about how to transform your home with new marble counter tops and extensive renovations. This is not one of those blog posts. Don’t get me wrong – those kind of renos are fine, but they are not things you can do in a day or over a weekend. They are big commitments – that require big budgets and hours of pouring over Pinterest boards to ensure that you find a look that you will be happy with for years to come.

Today I want to talk about smaller changes that you can make to bring some sexy back to your décor. Changes that require less time and money – projects that you can undo or redo in a month’s time if you decide they are not for you.

Decorating projects that are more like a fling than a marriage. So if you are ready to spruce up your abode this weekend without breaking the bank, here are our top five simple ways to bring sexy back to your home:

1. Rearrange your furnishings. Do you have a nice chair in your bedroom that has been there so long that you can’t imagine it anywhere else? Take it on an adventure this weekend and see how it looks in your living room or rec room. In fact, have a look around your entire home for furnishings, lamps and other items to see what might just add a little more sex appeal to one of your other rooms.

2. Accessorize. If you have had that sofa and love-seat set so long that you are getting a little bored with it, but not so long that you are ready to get rid of it, then try perking it up with some new accessories like a nice throw or some funky pillows. In fact, you can add fun accessories to other parts of your room too such as artwork, vases, glass bottles, plants etc.

Real Estate Winning by Funky and colorful pillows

3. Light it up. Different types of lighting can completely change the look and atmosphere of a room. It can even affect the way that you perceive the color of your walls, floors and furnishings. Try changing things up by switching that traditional fixture out for a more modern one. You can also add extra light using table or floor lamps. Or you can consider a unique DIY project such as filling glass jugs or vases with Christmas lights.

Creative lighting solutions

4. Wallpaper your bookcases. Wallpaper can be a big commitment if you are thinking of an entire room. But if you have some standard Ikea-type bookcases that you do not mind experimenting with, then try wallpapering the inside back of them. It will add a pop of colour and pattern to liven up your room.

Quick decoration win with wallpaper

5. Paint the ceiling. Most homes have white ceilings, but where is it written that ceilings have to white? Try soft hues of grey, blue, yellow or lavender to add interest to your space and draw the eye upward.

Big Decorating win with little effort

Want some more budget friendly ideas for bringing sexy back? Talk to a member of Team Elfassy today!